Water Supply

Availability and adequacy of urban services are important indicators to assess the livability principle of city. They act as catalysts for economic development. Thus, infrastructure may be defined as the basic facilities, which any developed area requires in sustaining the activities being carried out in it. Therefore, infrastructure facilities play an important role in fostering economic growth and enhancing public welfare. The physical infrastructure includes Water supply, Drainage, Sewerage, Solid Waste management etc.

Water Supply

Water Supply Water supply is one of the important municipal services. The service delivery of the water supply system in DNP is assessed by per capita water supply; percentage of storage capacity and percentage of treatment capacity.

In general Rohtas district has adequate ground water available; therefore the availability of underground water particularly in Dehri city is sufficient. The supply timing is only for few hours in a day. Therefore, water supply becomes a crucial urban service that needs a special attention. In Dehri town the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) is responsible for production and distribution of water supply. Table 3.1 presents water condition in Dehri.


Thick pile of unconsolidated sediments laid down by the Sone River underlies the project area. Fairly thick and regionally extensive confined / un-confined aquifers down to depth 300m as well as moderately thick but discontinuous confined and unconfined aquifers are present in region. The thickness of sediment increases from south to north. These unconsolidated sediments are made up of alternations of sand, clay and kanker. The depth to water level in this region varies from 40-50 ft. below ground level.

Groundwater Quality

The quality of groundwater here is generally good as its quality meet the permissible limit prescribed for drinking water standard. However, few parameters like dissolved solids, alkalinity, total hardness and magnesium marginally exceed the desirable limit but within the permissible limit. City Development Plan for Dehri-Dalmianagar Intercontinental Consultants & Technocrats Pvt. Ltd. Page 3-2 Surface Water: The study area is part of Son river basin. It flows from southwest to northeast, parallel to the existing road at a varying distance (minimum 150m) on western side. There is no other perennial stream in the study area. However, there are irrigation canals running parallel and horizontal to the river. Apart from this there are a few small ponds/ditch but its size is negligible and water is very less

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